The following changes have been done for English in version 1.9 of LanguageTool (xml-based rules only):
NEW RULEbelief (believe)
finds error in:We belief that this is wrong.
finds error in:He beliefs that this is wrong.
NEW RULEbelieve (belief)
finds error in:It is my strong believe that something has to be changed.
finds error in:Are there different believes?
NEW RULEbrussel (brussels) sprout
finds error in:He left the last brussel sprout on his plate.
NEW RULEeasiest was (way) to
finds error in:What is the fastest was to learn Spanish?
finds error in:What is the easiest was to learn Spanish?
IMPROVED RULEAgreement: 'been' or 'was' + past tense
does not find error in:All you have to do is go and ask.
IMPROVED RULEComparison with 'than', e.g. 'bigger then (than)'
does not find error in:It is faster as well.
does not find error in:I think it's fast enough.
finds error in:Thanks for letting us now.
does not find error in:Thanks for letting us know.
IMPROVED RULElet's (lets)
does not find error in:Let's first go home!
IMPROVED RULEmake since (sense)
does not find error in:Many changes have been made since my previous visit.
REMOVED RULEbrussell (brussells) sprout