The following changes have been done for English in version 2.0 of LanguageTool (xml-based rules only):
NEW RULE'much' + countable noun, e.g. 'much (many) children'
finds error in:There are much children.
NEW RULEadvice (advise)
finds error in:We advice you to do it.
finds error in:He advices you to do it.
finds error in:We advice you to come by public transport.
NEW RULEfeel tree (free) to
finds error in:Feel tree to add it to the list.
NEW RULElook (watch)
finds error in:I am looking TV.
finds error in:She looks TV every morning.
finds error in:I look TV every morning.
finds error in:I looked TV in the morning.
finds error in:She looked poker on television.
NEW RULEprove (proof)
finds error in:Their prove is wrong.
NEW RULEside (site)
finds error in:There is a construction side.
NEW RULEsite (side)
finds error in:On the positive site, there are some improvements.
NEW RULEup to data (date)
finds error in:The software is not up to data.
IMPROVED RULEAgreement error: Third person verb with a non-third person pronoun
does not find error in:Phase I corresponds to the small-deformation regime.
IMPROVED RULEIt is no (It is not/It is now)
does not find error in:It's no longer needed.
IMPROVED RULEbelieve (belief)
does not find error in:Some believe the public should have the freedom.
finds error in:Help is on it's way.
does not find error in:Help is on its way.
does not find error in: With DMA disabled it's possible to output with a high sampling frequency.
REMOVED RULEI/we advice (advise)