The following changes have been done for English in version 2.6 of LanguageTool (xml-based rules only):
NEW RULEBig in size, yellow in color, etc.
finds error in:The man is big in size.
finds error in:His speech was briefest in duration.
finds error in:My car is redder in color.
finds error in:Her friends were few in number.
NEW RULEComma after by default at the beginning of a sentence.
finds error in:By default this setting is enabled.
NEW RULECommas after conjunctive/linking adverbs in front of a new sentence.
finds error in:Nonetheless you should set commas to enhance readability.
finds error in:Besides I promised her we would come.
finds error in:In addition he created a great rule for LanguageTool.
NEW RULEa but (a bit)
finds error in:So I confused things a but and it was Kai who had planned that.
NEW RULEa compete/complete
finds error in:a compete catastrophe.
finds error in:a compete
NEW RULEbe fined with (be fine with)
finds error in:I'm fined with that.
NEW RULEconfusion of save/safe to ignore
finds error in:It is save to ignore trivial code when writing unit tests.
NEW RULEtool long (too long)
finds error in:I was away for tool long.
IMPROVED RULE'did' with past tense verb
finds error in:Did you forgot it?
finds error in:Why did you forgot it?
does not find error in:Did you forget it?
IMPROVED RULEAgreement: 'I is / you is / ... ' (at sentence start only)
finds error in:I is at the restaurant.
finds error in:I were at the restaurant.
IMPROVED RULEPossible agreement error: numeral + singular countable noun
does not find error in:Since then the corporate headquarters have moved to New York City at 1 Park Avenue in Manhattan, before moving to the Financial District to the former JP Morgan Chase headquarters at 4 New York Plaza.
does not find error in:It's ten past six.
does not find error in:The price of rice rose by three percent.
IMPROVED RULEgive/any/of advise (advice)
finds error in:Could someone give advise on a better way to do this.
does not find error in:I had to say no to them.
REMOVED RULEBig in size, etc
REMOVED RULEblack in color (black)