The following changes have been done for English in version 2.8 of LanguageTool (xml-based rules only):
NEW RULE'all the further' is a common, but incorrect phrase
finds error in:That's all the further I'll go.
NEW RULE'ally' used in wrong situation
finds error in:I would like to ally concern.
NEW RULEAdapt to v. adopt to
finds error in:Maybe you will need time to adopt to the situation.
NEW RULEAide in wrong context
finds error in:I want to aide you in a task.
NEW RULEAmendable to error
finds error in:You must be amendable to compromise.
NEW RULEArchitect as a verb
finds error in:I would like to architect a house
NEW RULEAscetic acid v acetic acid
finds error in:There was a spill of ascetic acid.
NEW RULEAwaiting for - incorrect
finds error in:He was awaiting for a person.
NEW RULEAxed v asked
finds error in:He axed me to dinner.
NEW RULEFurther ado instead of further adieu
finds error in:Without further adieu
NEW RULEMissing 'as' in 'as well as or better than'
finds error in:As well or better than
NEW RULEPossibly needless 'that'
finds error in:I am pretty sure that this is right.
NEW RULEextraneous apostrophes before 'are'
finds error in:The car's are cheap.
IMPROVED RULEAgreement error: Third person verb with a non-third person pronoun
finds error in:They all means the same.
IMPROVED RULEAgreement: 'have' + past/present tense
does not find error in:In the Sahara region some oases have palm trees.
IMPROVED RULEWeekday doesn't match date
finds error in:IGD Convention 2014 - Monday, 31/10/2014
finds error in:IGD Convention 2014 - Monday, 10/31/2014
IMPROVED RULEaffect vs effect
finds error in:The primary affect on property values.
does not find error in:The primary effect on property values.
REMOVED RULEtank (thank) you