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2012-03-25: Released LanguageTool 1.7. Changes include:

2012-02-04: See our new language-specific pages for German, Russian, and Esperanto

2011-12-31: Released LanguageTool 1.6. Changes include:

2011-11-18: We now offer Wikicheck, a new service to check Wikipedia pages with LanguageTool

2011-09-25: Released LanguageTool 1.5. Changes include:

2011-08-28: Our Google Summer of Code students have successfully finished their projects and the results will be part of LanguageTool 1.5, to be released in about one month.

2011-06-26: Released LanguageTool 1.4. Changes include:

2011-03-28: Released LanguageTool 1.3.1. This fixes a NullPointerException occurring with some inputs.

2011-03-27: Released LanguageTool 1.3. Changes include:

2011-01-02: Released LanguageTool 1.2. Changes include:

2010-09-26: Released version 1.1. For a list of changes, see the Changelog

2010-08-29: There's a new script to use LanguageTool from within vim.

2010-02-20: LanguageTool has been integrated into After the Deadline, a powerful English grammar checker. Thanks to LanguageTool it now also supports French and German. This means that you can now use LanguageTool for these languages via the After the Deadline Firefox plugin.

2009-11-01: Released version 1.0.0. Changes include:

2009-05-22: Released version 0.9.9. Changes include:

2009-04-26: Released version 0.9.8. Changes include: